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Downhill progressive landslides in long natural slopes: triggering agents and landslide phases modeled with a finite difference method (2016)

Bernander. S, Kullingsjö. A, Gylland. A, Bengtsson. P, Knutsson. S, Pusch. R, et al.
Canadian geotechnical journal (Print), Vol. 53, nr. 10, s. 1565-1582

Finite element analysis of timber beams with flaws (2016)

Kováciková. J, Ekevad. M, Ivankova. O, Berg. S
Ingår i: ECCOMAS Congress 2016, Proceedings of the 7th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, s. 8606-8611, National Technical University of Athens, 2016
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Long-Term Performance of Adhesive Bonded Anchors (2016)

Nilforoush. R, Nilsson. M, Söderlind. G, Elfgren. L
ACI Structural Journal, Vol. 113, nr. 2, s. 251-261

Von grauer zu grüner Wasserinfrastruktur am Fallbeispiel Kiruna (2016)

Zischg. J, Goncalves. M, Leonhardt. G, Kleidorfer. M, Rauch. W, Sitzenfrei. R
Ingår i: Tagungsband Aqua Urbanica 2016, "Miss es oder vergiss es" - Daten, Wissen und Konzepte für denGewässerschutz bei Regenwetter, s. 113-118, 2016
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Assessment of the Strengthening of an RC Railway Bridge with CFRP utilizing a Full-Scale Failure Test and Finite-Element Analysis (2015)

Puurula. A, Enochsson. O, Sas. G, Blanksvärd. T, Ohlsson. U, Bernspång. L, et al.
Journal of Structural Engineering, Vol. 141, nr. 1 (Special Issue), s. D4014008-1-D4014008-11

BioODRI: forestry meets steel (2015)

A techno-economic study on us of biomass gasification to produce a gas sutiable for production of CO2 lean iron
Grip. C, Salman. H, Ritzen. O, Andersson. L, Tottie. M, Robisnsson. R, et al.
Paper presented at : European Biomass Conference and Exhibition : 01/06/2015 - 04/06/2015
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Establishing Cooperative Relationships and Joint Risk Management in Construction Projects: Agency Theory Perspective (2015)

Osipova. E
Journal of Management in Engineering, Vol. 31, nr. 6

Evaluation of mixtures of green liquor dregs and till for application as a sealing layer on sulfidic mine waste (2015)

Siren. S, Maurice. C, Alakangas. L
Paper presented at : Wascon 2015 : Resource efficiency in construction 10/06/2015 - 12/06/2015