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Attraktivt samhällsbyggande

Attractive built environment

We are shaping attractive built environment for the support of sustainable living in cold climate through challenge-driven research of excellence and development of innovative and holistic systems and artefacts.

The multifarious needs of society and the business community create complex and intractable global societal challenges.Cities that function well constitute the cornerstones of economic development in a country, and are essential for our well-being.More than 1 billion people live in areas with cold climates today.It is especially challenging to build and organize attractive cities with housing, workplaces, shopping centres and infrastructure in a cold climate, so that traffic, transport, energy and water supplies function for all residents in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable manner.

LTU is one of four universities included in Sweden’s Universities of the Built Environment, and has an outspoken ambition to be a recognized national and international research centre in the area of the built environment.

Arctic Five Chair and Architecture Students symposium in Haparanda-Tornio

The Arctic is home to over 4 million people of which about 3 millions live in urban areas. However, little urban-sustainability research is devoted to this part of the world.

With focus on Soil and Rock

A study path event for our current and potential students on the Master Programme in Civil Engineering for the specialization in soil and rock was held with invited companies.

The Torne river. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
In the media: TRIWA LIFE will be Europe's largest restoration project

Sarah Conrad, Applied Geochemistry, has been granted 51 000 EUR within the EU project: The Torne River International Watershed LIFE, TRIWA LIFE.


Centre for Stormwater Management

Kiruna Sustainability Center - Workshop at Luleå University of Technology June 2017 Photo: Richard Renberg
Kiruna Sustainability Center (KSC)

Kiruna Sustainability Center (KSC) is a major transdisciplinary collaborative project between Kiruna Municipality / Tekniska verken AB, Luleå University of Technology and RISE

Virtual Reality Lab - Lulea University of Technology Photo: Gustav Jansson
Virtual Reality Lab

Used in areas such as in construction, architecture, ore geology, mining and rock engineering.