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Financial assessment, asset management and business models for growth and innovation

Published: 5 October 2016

Jeaneth Johansson’s research is in financial assessment, resource management, and business models largely within the context of growth and innovation. The research covers the entire range from small capital to large capital.

Issues have included the ways by which venture capital companies assess the business potential of companies they invest in, with different risks and opportunities, and how does the public sector go about public funding of, for example, new innovative companies. What parameters do they look at?

“I started my research in financial assessment, which included examining how financial analysts judge listed companies; how they meet and exchange information. An interesting angle to this is the exchange of information that does not show, where the companies and analysts have direct contact. Today, the way of exchanging information has changed and is regulated by several new laws.”

The interaction between different stakeholders is important, everything from accountants to banks, since the assessments of various stakeholders is the basis for how companies can develop.

“Innovative companies are, in investors’ eyes, uncertain companies. The difficulty lies in the assessment of something that maybe will exist in five or ten years, while the parallel is a very rapid technological development.”

By developing business models, values can be created and maintained, and innovative companies in various phases can grow. For a company in an expansive phase, it may mean that the business model needs to be developed.

“I work a lot in terms of sustainability in business models, where economic, social and environmental factors need to be woven in. Since I work with technology-oriented companies, there is also the aspect of viable technology that is sustainable.”

Through various EU projects Jeaneth Johansson has worked with test bed platforms and future digitization. One of the issues is how the various players should work together on digitization. The challenge is that tests are performed in different countries with different cultures surrounding the business.

“In 2007 when Apple launched the iPhone, it opened new business opportunities with new technology and new application areas. Right from the beginning I produced business models for different mobile applications, and how can you take advantage of business using mobile applications. Through the Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology (CDT), I also work with a project to take advantage of new technologies for logistics and production processes using cloud-based services. Again, it’s about developing business models.”

How can we develop business models that are gender neutral, and how do public financiers assess gender? Jeaneth Johansson has done two studies in which she examined applications from a gender perspective.

“We have been participating in assessment meetings at different locations over a two-year period. We see very clear gender patterns. For example, a ‘true entrepreneur’ is a man, while women are referred to as ‘business owners’. We transcribed discussions at application assessments and found that it differs very much in how male and female business owners are valued. In the first study, male entrepreneurship was mentioned in positive terms to a degree of 75 percent, and 25 percent negative. And when it came to women’s entrepreneurship, it was just the opposite. To validate the study, it was conducted in several places. And because the purpose was known, the positive wording increased to 86 percent for men and 50 percent for women. The result was that it increased for both women and men,” concludes Jeaneth Johansson.

Research on gender has led to that Jeaneth Johansson together a colleague will be training innovation agency Vinnova, The Swedish Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare and The Swedish Research Council Formas in gender integration.

Jeaneth Johansson also teaches in the fields of accounting, financial control and funding, and is responsible for the supervision of students at bachelor and master levels.


Jeaneth Johansson

Jeaneth Johansson, Professor

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