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Quality technology improves processes

Bjarne Bergquist conducts research in the field of quality technology, specifically on statistical tools, experiments and monitoring. In principle, all research and development that requires the collection and analysis of numerical data uses experiments, and virtually all manufacturing processes are monitored through the collection and analysis of manufacturing data.

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Organization, work and power

Johan Sandström’s research focus is on organization, work and power. Through a fully transparent research project, Johan Sandström, along with his colleague, Professor Tommy Jensen at Stockholm University, have created new ways to present research. In addition to a public blog and a film project, they have also written music related to the project.

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Gender perspective on innovation and organizational development

As Dean and vice Dean, Ylva Fältholm pointed out the nine strong research and innovation areas that Luleå University of Technology has appointed as important for future research.

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Business model innovation, digitalization and servitization in Swedish Industry

At 33 years of age, Vinit Parida is one of Sweden’s youngest professors. But his academic career in Sweden and Luleå was due in part to a coincidence.

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Financial assessment, asset management and business models for growth and innovation

Jeaneth Johansson’s research is in financial assessment, resource management, and business models largely within the context of growth and innovation. The research covers the entire range from small capital to large capital.

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The mine’s organization and working environment

From the summer of 2016, Jan Johansson has been head of the Institution of Economics and Technology and Society, which has meant responsibility for how the department conducts research and high quality education that meets the requirements and wishes of the community at large.

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Aspects of financial management, accounting and auditing

Anders Hersinger’s research is concentrated on accounting and financial management in the broadest sense, but above all, on the information required for companies and organizations with different terms and conditions to be successful and achieve their goals.

Kristina Söderholm
Environment, energy and natural resources, from a technical history perspective

As a professor of the history of technology, Kristina Söderholm’s area of research lies in the past. But the experiences of the past often come back. Issues concerning the environment, energy and natural resources are often not new but merely variations of things that happened before.