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Photo: Ted Karlsson
Karin Zingmark, Adjunct Professor in Nursing, Asa Engstrom, Professor and Chaired Professor in Nursing, Maria Larsson Lund, Professor in Occupational therapy and Catrine Kostenius, Professor in Health Science. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Four new female professors

Published: 25 October 2016

In Sweden, 25 percent of all professors are women. In 2016, the Department of Health Sciences received a contribution of four female professors in Nursing, Health Science and Occupational therapy. Together, they contribute to an increase by 57 percent of professors in the department.

In ten years, the number of professors in the Department of Health Sciences has increased from three to eleven. The significant increase is a result of a long-term competence development.

– This is part of the competence development of our employees, which will result in a better interaction between research and education. Furthermore, we get a development of interdisciplinary research in the university, the professions and the County Council, says Mai Lindstrom, Head of the Department of Health Sciences.

On the country's universities and colleges, the number of female professors has since 2004 doubled in ten years, from 630 to 1260. Despite this, only 25 percent of all professors in Sweden are women. It shows last year's figures from Swedish Higher Education Authority.

At Luleå University of Technology, the number of female professors has increased over the last few years. In 2014 there were 32 female professors at the university and in the middle of October 2016 the number was 48, of which the Department of Health Sciences contributed with four.

Here, the four new professors talk about how in they in their new roles as professors will develop the activities in research and education:

Catrine Kostenius - Professor of Health Science

– The health challenges we face in our society today require joint efforts. Collaboration is the key. I look forward to continued cooperation with representatives from our municipalities in Norrbotten, County Government, County Councils and companies in the health industry, to identify the needs in the region. The research collaboration with a number of universities in Sweden, the University of Texas in Austin, and the Arctic universities in Oulu Finland and Tromsø, Norway is also very important. Together, we can certainly make a positive difference here at home and around the world. My contribution will continue to be making use of the power of health promotion. Research with a strength-based perspective may be useful for professionals in all human occupations and especially in the Bachelor Programme in Health Guidance at the Department of Health Sciences, where the focus is practical health guidance within the main subject health promotion.

The inauguration lecture "Find five errors ... or? About the opportunity to promote health " is given October 27th at 15.00 in the Delta Hall D770 at Luleå University of Technology.

Åsa Engström - Professor and Charired Professor in Nursing

– The subject of Nursing is all about the theories and actions that aim to understand and meet a person's needs and resources. We conduct research on nursing care in areas such as emergency care, psychiatry care and care of the elderly, and those are important areas. We have skills and potential to develop research on ethical issues and theories and concepts of importance in all these areas. These issues and areas are also of great importance in our programs. Digitization and questions regarding Information - and Communication Technology (ICT) will also continue to be important, and perhaps become more and more an integral part of the care and research conducted. Here I see our responsibility to protect that the technology based on the people's needs. I think that the research issues that we are working with will be of great importance in our programs, and the other way around, that the issues that are important in the programmes are such issues we work with in terms of research.

The Inauguration lecture "The written word as a nursing action" is given October 31 at 14.00 in Aula Aurorum, at Luleå University of Technology.

Maria Larsson Lund - Professor of Occupational Therapy

– My role as a professor of occupational therapy entails increased responsibility to pursue issues, collaborations and seek research funds to develop the research in Occupational Therapy to improve rehabilitation, prevention and promotion of health. In Occupational Therapy, we work to develop knowledge about the human daily activities in the home, community and workplace affect health, by studying how they are organized into patterns of activity, how they are performed and what impact they have. We also produce knowledge about how factors related to the person, the environment, technology and activity interact in relation to health and how the conditions of daily activity and health can be promoted.

The digitization of society changes the basic conditions for the activity, but we know little about how it affects and will affect our health. Therefore, it is important that we, both in research and in the education of future occupational therapists, continually develop and produce new knowledge so that we lay a good foundation for the knowledge-based professions that are societally relevant and person centered. In my research, I am interested in how technology use affects the opportunities for activity and how technology can be used to support activity and independence in people with disabilities. I also lead a project where we recently have done an analysis of what digitization and increasingly technology-tight homes, workplaces and society poses to humans daily activities and health. We have also identified what the changes will mean for Occupational Therapists profession. This has meant that we are now implementing a comprehensive change of the educational program to develop occupational therapy students 'digital' skills and their readiness to take on future challenges and opportunities.

The inauguration lecture "Digitization in society - new opportunities in everyday activity? " is given 2 November at 11.30 in Vetenskapens hus.

Karin Zingmark - Adjunct Professor of Nursing

– It is important to conduct clinical research in close collaboration between the County Councils and universities, and here I want to contribute to a academic developed collaboration environment. We will also continue to work on strategic cooperation issues related to current and future challenges in health care, education and research.
Health care issues are complex and have a constant need for expertise from other areas. It is important to actively participate in a developed cooperation with areas and research topics outside the healthcare field. With more professors in Nursing, the nursing field can hopefully develop even more. In the areas of ethics, care and improvement of science I want to work for the establishment of large research programs that can generate knowledge for health education and health care operations. We want to conduct research that will benefit the care and strive against appropriations that allow a continued - and gradually more powerful researh work.

The inauguration lecture "Ethics, care and improvement of science - research and collaboration" is given November 9 at 14.00 in Vetenskapens hus.