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Future mining organises a EIT Raw Materials @ LTU meeting

Published: 16 April 2015

As many of you know LTU has been involved in establishing a consortium to send in a proposal on a EIT KIC on Raw materials which was due in September 2014. The consortium which consists of over 100 European partners from industry, academia and research institutes won the bid and since the beginning of the year we are working hard to establish the consortium.

At this stage we would like to invite everyone from LTU that is interested in contributing to the activities defined in our application. The KIC will be working on a timeline which is 7+7 years and 15 different type of activities are defined within the framework of the knowledge triangle and with a clear focus on increasing the competitiveness of Europe in terms of Raw Materials education, innovation,

LTU is the hosting organisation to one of six co-location centres (CLCs) in Europe and a centre will be established at our premises during 2015. Our Northern CLC consists of core and associated partners from Sweden, Denmark and Ireland and the CLC interim manager is Maria Magdalena Holmgren and in the CLC management team also Catrin Edelbro act as educational officer and Pär Johansson and Katarina Öquist from LTU Business and ABI resp. act as Business developers. Other persons from RISE, Uppsala Uni. And Limerick Uni are also part of the CLC management. Jenny Greberg is interim manager for Education in the Central management team in Berlin and Pär Weihed is the chair person of the board of the Northern CLC.

We will explain much more how the KIC will function and how LTU can benefit best from it at a full day workshop on April 22nd, starting at 09.00 in C305. The purpose of this workshop is:

  • To inform all interested LTU staff of what the KIC on Raw Materials is
  • To present the key persons involved
  • To engage you in the work
  • To discuss and define ideas of activities which can be funded from LTU for the coming 7+7 years

In order to come prepared a number of documents are enclosed

  1. LTU_KIC_Proposals….pptx (proposals presented in March in Berlin from LTU)
  2. 150320 Kava guidance final (explains what KAVA activities are and what can be funded)
  3. 150320 KAVA guidance final appendix
  4. NCLC KAVA-ideas… (Northern CLC where LTU is part ideas on activities to be funded)
  5. NCLC Task forces…(explains what our CLC is doing and who is responsible)
  6. 2015-03-04 Info-Brokerage-event (info for the meeting held in Berlin 30-31/3, serves as good background material
  7. EIT Raw Materials General Presentation (strongly recommended to glance through this document to understand what a KIC is)

So please participate in this meeting and engage in the KIC on Raw Materials if you think you have ideas that could fit, based on the documents enclosed.

Looking forward to see as many as possible on April 22nd!

Pär Weihed

Weihed, Pär - Professor, Pro Vice-Chancellor

Organisation: Ore Geology, Geosciences and Environmental Engineering, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Phone: +46 (0)920 493987
Room: B275 - Luleå»