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Participants in the press conference on RawMaTERS
from left Governor Sven-Erik Österberg, Maria Magdalene Holmgren, project manager, Michael Ramström, Atlas Copco, Jenny Greberg Luleå University of Technology, Monica Bellgran LKAB and Par Weihed Professor Luleå University of Technology

Commodity Project strengthen the industry and academia

Published: 17 December 2014

A fantastic opportunity has arisen, which will create new jobs, companies, investments, sustainable research and education as the EU commodity intiative RawMatTERS opens one of its six nodes in Luleå. RawMatTERS is the biggest EU project related to commodities since the European Coal and Steal Union was formed in the 1950’s. Luleå University of Technology will play a leading role in the northermost node.

Jenny Greberg
Jenny Greberg, Luleå University of Technology and Training in the interim managemant team, HQ Berlin

- This is an acknowledgement that Luleå University of Technology is a leading European mining university in both education and research as well as raw materials innovation and I am looking forward to working with these issues at a European level. We must ensure that this venture is a success and contributes to the development and global competitive power of European industry, says Jenny Greberg, mining and rock engineering researcher at Luleå university of Technology and CEduO of the Interim Management Team KIC HQ in Berlin.

The project is a billion crown investment with the aim to improve the competitiveness of Europe on the global market, which is important for the growth and standard of living in European countries. This northern node of the RawMatTERS project is a collaboration between Sweden, Denmark and Ireland and will create major benefits both regionally and nationally. 

County Governor Sven-Erik Österberg
County Governor Sven-Erik Österberg

-Sweden and Norrbotten are dependent on having a competitive, innovative and sustainable mining and minerals sector. For Norrbotten it is both an opportunity as well as a challenge to be part of this initiative, which will generate greater competitiveness, new businesses and jobs within the region. It is beneficial for the research at Luleå University of Technology and the business community and will strengthen the whole of Norrbotten, says County Governor Sven-Erik Österberg.

A kick-off event for the northernmost node in this EU raw materials initiative took place on Wednesday and welcomed approximately 70 delegates. The delegates represented commodity related heavy industry, Swedish and Danish research institutes, Swedish and Irish universities, research funding agencies, ministries and county councils amongst others.

Monica Bellgran LKAB
Monica Bellgran, Director of Research, LKAB

The vision for the Raw MatTERS initiative is to turn the current European dependency on the import of raw materials to a strategically managed strength. The access to raw materials and supply of well-educated staff are critical factors for the industry.

-LKAB sees this as a fabulous opportunity to strengthen our combined level of competitiveness on the global market. It will provide us with the financial and political leverage to substantially increase our presence within the innovation initiatives in industry, the academic world and institutes that are currently underway in Europe.  To get this initiative to Luleå is the result of hard work and a fantastiv performance by all involved parties.

KIC RawMatTERS consists of nearly 120 partners from industry and leading research institutes and universities from 12 countries.