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Framtidens gruvor
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Future mining

Demand for metals on the world market is increasing, and the Swedish as well as the international mining industry is increasing its production.

Sweden is the country in Europe which is the most important metal producer, and the Swedish mining industry is important also from a European perspective.The best opportunities to find new ore deposits in Europe can be found in Sweden and Finland.

LTU is Sweden’s centre for research and education which focuses on mining, and the clearly stated ambition is to be an internationally strong centre of excellence.The research covers the whole spectrum, from prospecting via mining and processing to metallurgy and environmental issues as well as research on occupational health and safety, the commodity economy and the societal aspects of extraction and processing.

Ore geologists from LTU on the still warm lava flow around Fagradalsfjall in Iceland. Photo: Privat
Ore geologists on Icelandic volcano

Researchers from ore geology at Luleå University of Technology have spent a week on the world's longest mountain range. The mountain range that is 90% under water and runs about 6,500 km around the earth is called the mid-ocean ridge.

David Saiang, Tobias Bauer och Daniel Johansson Photo: Richard Renberg
From geology to mine design

In an interdisciplinary workshop, researchers from different research topics and company representatives met to discuss mining from different perspectives. Over 40 people participated online.

Photo: Richard Renberg
In the media: "If we do not succeed in this, no one will do it"

Increased requirements for safety, carbon dioxide emissions, energy efficiency and productivity are driving a technological change in the mining industry. One of the leading players in this paradigm shift is NEXGEN SIMS, an EU-sponsored consortium of 13 partners - with Epiroc at the helm - which aims to demonstrate functioning autonomous processes in real mining environments over the next three years.

Wants to attract more people to northern Sweden

A digital platform, MindDig, is now being launched.

Virtual Reality Lab - Lulea University of Technology Photo: Gustav Jansson
Virtual Reality Lab

Used in areas such as in construction, architecture, ore geology, mining and rock engineering.


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