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Testlab datacenter

Welcome to Data center Test lab Workshop

Publicerad: 9 september 2015

The world's first open Hadoop based data center for research and innovation in the big data and cloud area, will open in Luleå in December. The test lab, initiated by SICS North and LTU, is named SICS ICE, - Infrastructure and Cloud data center test Environment. The aim is that the data center will support all universities and industrial companies in Sweden with an experimental environment for research, demonstration of infrastructure products, cloud services and other aspects of data analysis.

Due to this, there will be a workshop held including:
1. SICS ICE status presentation and description of the phase 1 content. 30 min
2. Brainstorming on prioritized measurement equipment, tools and infrastructure and what projects to do first in the facility. 30min
3. Discussion in whole group. 60min

When: Oct 7, 13-15
Where: D770 (D-house, Delta room), LTU-Luleå

About the Data center Testlab
In order to cope with future digitization, Sweden must develop high-performance data analysis and cloud service technologies. Increased skills are needed because of a growing industry and Swedish research and innovation at the international top level requires better conditions for large-scale experiments. SICS ICE creates opportunities for the nation to develop world-leading research and increase the attractiveness of the country. Therefore, SICS Swedish ICT, in cooperation with LTU, has initiated the pilot plant to enable large-scale data research and support the digitization of Swedish industry. The first 10 racks will provide 160 servers with 2000 cores, 40 TB of main memory and up to 7 petabytes of storage.

Read more about SICS ICE here: