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The strategy adopted for the development of leading competence within IIP have the following components and is discussed along the planed and actual time line. Based on discussion with core chaired professors, 9 important technology areas were identified which have an impact on IIP.

These are:

For each of these areas a white paper has been developed addressing the following aspects

  • Description/definition of area
  • State of the art
  • Scientific problems and their industrial relevance
  • Potential collaborations
  • Research and Industrial Road-map for LTU research
  • Proposal on what so select and de-select from the current state of the art
  • Development strategy for IIP

Based on these reports a number of workshops have been conducted in order to develop thematic research areas. In such way we have identified 8 themes along which it is believed that LTU activities related to IIP should be focussed. These are:

  • Engineering methods for robust CPS
  • Heterogeneous models for complex systems
  • Data describes the world
  • Sensing
  • Human process interaction
  • Robustness and trust
  • Intelligent Communication
  • System autonomy and flexibility

Currently 5 of these have been launched successfully.