Joakim Lundgren
Joakim Lundgren, an assistant professor at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Leif Nyberg

Useful graduate course

Published: 27 March 2014

A holistic view of their own research. It is the objective of the graduate course which involved twelve students during a sunny late winter week at Luleå University. (LTU). Joakim Lundgren, an assistant professor at the university, wants the students to think outside the box.

Doctoral course Systems Perspectives on Biomass Resources is part of the national research program Bio4Energys graduate school. The course objective is to put the students' research in a broader perspective.

- We hold a series of inspirational lectures by renowned scholars in the field. We give students a kind of toolbox so they can take their own projects further in the second part of the course where they work together in interdisciplinary teams, says Joakim Lundgren.

Useful exam

The examination of the course by the students either produce a draft of a grant application, a scientific paper or a manuscript for conference participation. Alternatively, they write a chapter that may be included in their upcoming thesis.

- The practical benefits of the course can be great. Students produce something that they may have directly use for and they can also draw benefit in the group work will find synergies that they can find useful in their continuing research, says Joakim Lundgren.



Pål Börjesson, Lund University
Joakim Lundgren, LTU
Robert Lundmark, LTU
Elisabeth Wetterlund, LTU
Kentaro Umeki, LTU
Andrea Toffolo, LTU
Michael Martin, Linköping Univ
Johanna Berlin, SP