Grön energi
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Focus on green fuels

Published: 21 May 2014

Luleå University of Technology, in cooperation with SunPine AB, will investigate the possibility to produce green diesel using special yeasts. This is to broaden the supply of raw materials to the production of green diesel.

Most are now aware that we have to find replacements for oil and natural gas to continue to produce fuel and other products based on these finite commodities. In Sweden we can reduce the carbon footprint and the use of fossil fuels through the efficient use of forest products and other biomass.

- By developing a platform that enables cost-effective production of yeast produced oil as a raw material for green diesel and valuable by-products, we hope to meet increased demand for the limited pine oil, says project manager Robert Nilsson, Senior Lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.

The project is funded by the provincial government and has been granted 2 million to over one and a half years conducting research.