Alberto Vomiero
Alberto Vomiero

Alberto Vomiero

Professor and Head of Subject
Luleå University of Technology
Experimental physics
Materials Science
Department of Engineering Sciences and Mathematics
+46 (0)920 493139


Article in journal

A practical non-enzymatic urea sensor based on NiCo2O4 nanoneedles (2019)

Amin. S, Tahira. A, Solangi. A, Beni. V, Morante. J, Liu. X, et al.
RSC Advances, Vol. 9, nr. 25, s. 14443-14451
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A sensitive enzyme-free lactic acid sensor based on NiO nanoparticles for practical applications (2019)

Amin. S, Tahira. A, Solangi. A, Mazzaro. R, Ibupoto. Z, Vomiero. A
Analytical Methods, Vol. 11, s. 3578-3583
Article in journal

Adaptive nanolaminate coating by atomic layer deposition (2019)

Alvi. S, Ghamgosar. P, Rigoni. F, Vomiero. A, Akhtar. F
Thin Solid Films, Vol. 692
Article in journal

Advanced Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Based on Core–Shell MoS2/TiO2 Nanostructures in Acidic and Alkaline Media (2019)

Tahira. A, Ibupoto. Z, Mazzaro. R, You. S, Morandi. V, Natile. M, et al.
ACS APPLIED ENERGY MATERIALS, Vol. 2, nr. 3, s. 2053-2062
Article in journal

Ag2S/MoS2 Nanocomposites Anchored on Reduced Graphene Oxide (2019)

Fast Interfacial Charge Transfer for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Solomon. G, Mazzaro. R, You. S, Natile. M, Morandi. V, Concina. I, et al.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, Vol. 11, nr. 25, s. 22380-22389