Marcus Öhman
Marcus Öhman

Marcus Öhman

Professor tillika ämnesföreträdare, Ämnesföreträdare
Luleå tekniska universitet
Institutionen för teknikvetenskap och matematik
E145 Luleå


Degrees in energy engineering and inorganic- (high temperature) chemistry. PhD in inorganic- (high temperature) chemistry (Umeå University) and Associate Professor (Docent) in thermo-chemical energy conversion (Umeå University). More than 25 years’ experience of R&D work in the area of thermo-chemical biomass conversion both at the Division of Energy Science at Luleå University of Technology (Chaired Prof 2007- ), the Department of Inorganic Chemistry/Energy Technology and Thermal Process Chemistry at Umeå University (Assistant Professor 2003-2006, Senior Lecturer 2003, Adj. Senior Lecturer 2002-2003, Ph D student 1995-1999, Project Assistant 1993-1994), the Energy Technology Center in Piteå (Research Leader 2006, Laboratory Manager/Senior Scientist 1999-2003, Development Manager 1997-1998) and in my own company Energiteknik i Norr (1997-2001).

Presently (since 2007), chaired Professor in Energy Engineering and Head of Division, Division of Energy Science at Luleå University of Technology.


Area of expertise: More than twenty years’ experience of R&D work in the area of thermo-chemical biomass conversion; including ash related problems (e.g. bed agglomeration, slagging, fouling, corrosion) ash formation processes (e.g. P, K-recovery), fuel characterization, combustion/gasification characterization, gaseous- and particle emissions, pollution control, thermo-chemical modelling.

Experience of disseminating results to stakeholders/end users: Extensive and close collaboration with industry and institutes, especially LKAB, Skellefteå Kraft AB, Vattenfall, Andritz, Sibelco, Bioenergy 2020+, RISE-ETC, Swerea-MEFOS, RISE-SP, VTT, Sintef and local, regional and national small to medium-sized enterprises. About 70 collaborative research projects; end users/stakeholders have been participated in about 2/3 of the projects. More than 60 industrial consultations and about 30 industrial-/branch lectures.

Special commissions: Member or previous member of several different program and company boards (Energy technology centre in Piteå, SP Energy Technology Center AB, RISE Energy Technology Center, Swedish centre for biomass gasification, Black liquor gasification program, Etanol Pilot i Sverige AB, f3) and steering groups and evaluation panels (Bio4Energy, Hjalmar Lundbohm Research Center for mining and metallurgy, Swedish research council - Infrastructure for research on the earth and its near surroundings, Swedish research council - Advisory Group C linked to the research council for infrastructures: High technology laboratories for Subatomic Physics, Materials Science and Life Sciences, Bioenergy 2020+:s (an Austrian bioenergy inst.) International Scientific Advisory Board, Swedish thermal foundation).

Publications: h-index 32 (Web of Science). Currently published more than 80 scientific journal papers. 150+ conference publications and technical reports.

Supports – as principal investigator: The Swedish Research Council, The Swedish Research Council Formas, Swedish Energy Agency, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, VINNOVA, EC Regional Funds, EC-ERA NET, EC-FP7, Thermal Engineering Foundation, Peat Users Association, The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association,  Norrbotten County Council, The County Administration Board of Norrbotten, The North Calotte Council, The Kempe Foundation, Several national and international stakeholders.


F7010T Fuels, combustion and gasification technologies

F7013T Energy technology, project course

W0016T Fuels and combustion technologies


Outdoor life, Fishing, Hunting, Running


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