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About us

LUMIA is for researchers, doctoral students, and organizations/companies that need advanced material analysis in 2D/3D/4D and can advantageously provide a step-stone lab environment for later analyzes at national and international research infrastructures such as MAX IV and ESS.

The group behind LUMIA consists of analytical experts from the research subjects ore geology, chemical engineering, engineering materials, and experimental mechanics. Together, we have extensive experience in analyzing different types of materials in 2D/3D/4D, from medical face masks, to pellets of iron ore, to high-strength steels, to critical metals in geological samples, to zeolite membranes for carbon capture, to meteorites. Three laboratories for scanning electron microscopy and one laboratory for X-ray computed microtomography are linked to LUMIA.

Do you have a material that you need to have analyzed? Do you think it is difficult to know which analytical methods that are suited? Contact us, so can we discuss suitable analytical techniques that work for your particular need.

LUMIA can also handle most things in sample preparation before analysis and is also used to handling unconventional sample types.