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Work process

If you have a sample/material that you want to have analyzed, this is how the work process typically is done:

  • Contact LUMIA via and describe the question you have about your sample (feel free to be as detailed as you can).
  • We contact you for a discussion regarding suitable analytical techniques, workflow, and what the cost will be. An agreement of the expected output and cost is reached.
  • We schedule time for you in the lab(s) and either you join us during the analysis, or you have sent the samples to us beforehand.
  • After the analysis, we will compile a report of the results and send it to you.
  • Thereafter, we will invoice you according to our agreement.

We have through the years handled a large variety of different sample types and some of our previous costumers in the labs are Boliden, LKAB, Kaunis Iron, Swerim, RISE, University of Tromsö, and the Swedish Transport Administration.