"Vårt kalla arktiska klimat ger oss en fördel när det handlar om forskning inom kyla, snö och is"

Sven Knutsson, Professor inom Geoteknik

Frozen 2016 - Are white winters just a dream?

Snow is a precious commodity for the ski industry, perhaps the most valuable of them all. The reason is simple; no snow means no skiing which in turn means no business!

A paradigm shift is taking place in tourism and the ski industry. The snow that previously was taken for granted is now a valuable resource that must be extracted, processed and maintained.

The ski industry must quickly transform itself into a snow industry. And the change must be done with modern technology and knowledge. Luleå University of Technology is a world leader with its width of research and range of courses relating to snow and cold climate.

This conference, which we call Frozen, aims to help all of us who love snow to take the leap into a white future, a truly unique opportunity for everyone who wants to learn how innovation and technology can create a white winter even in the future.

Plats: A117 LKAB-salen