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Space Systems

We conduct research on the design, development, assembly, qualification, testing and operation of ground, space and launch segments. Our research topics include small bodies exploration and exploitation, spacecraft avionics, rocket propulsion systems and diagnostics, small satellites and other microgravity platforms.

We develop subsystems, payloads and spacecraft for technology demonstrations and utilisation as well as space applications and exploration for operations on the ground, in the atmosphere, in Earth orbit and beyond.

Astronaut toppbild
Space technology benefits the earth

Space technology can give us a snapshot of climate change and the health of the planet. In northern Sweden, you find an infrastructure with research, education and industry in close cooperation, which contributes to the green transition.

Ultra fast laser
A greener future with laser beams

With the development of a new ultrafast laser-based instrument, Alexis Bohlin, researcher in Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology among with colleagues in the Netherlands have taken a step closer towards greener space travel. This advance in diagnostics capacity, which will be applied in new experiments, could very well contribute to more environmentally friendly aerospace engines.

Picture of a globe, Luleå University of Technology
EU boosts Sweden's space sector

The funds will support collaborative innovation through applied research, expanded lab and test facilities and business development for small- and medium enterprises. Led by regional development project RIT2021, the goal is to attract talent, investment and new business ventures to EU’s northernmost space hub.

Jessica Meir, NASA astronaut and Honorary Doctor at Luleå University of Technology
Weightlessness, Spider-Man and new perspectives

Jessica Meir spent 205 days in space on the International Space Station. She is a NASA astronaut, a marine biologist, and a physiologist. Jessica Meir is also Honorary Doctor at Luleå University of Technology.

KvarkenSat, Luleå University of Technology
Swedish-Finnish collaboration sends satellite to space

A collaboration between Swedish and Finnish universities and research institutes will result in a nanosatellite, KvarkenSat, being launched into orbit around the Earth. The satellite is built by researchers at Luleå University of Technology and will provide various actors with space data.

Alexis Bohlin, Luleå University of Technology
Unique research provides greener rocket propulsion systems

The number of rocket launches expects to increase in the future. Alexis Bohlin, researcher in Space Systems at Luleå University of Technology, wants to contribute to greener rocket engine fuel and components that provide less climate impact. – The goal is to improve the efficiency and reduce emissions of modern rocket technology, says Alexis Bohlin.