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Student projects

Published: 30 March 2021

They build satellites and space instruments and get to use their theoretical knowledge in exciting practical projects. Read more about some of all the space projects that our space students run.

Project APTAS

APTAS is a space engineering student project with the mission to build, launch and operate a CubeSat.

Project RAVEN

Project RAVEN, Rocketry and Aerospace Vehicle Engineering in Norrbotten, is a student project with the goal to build and launch a hybrid rocket.

Projekt ASTER (REXUS 30)

ASTER, Attitude Stabilized Free Falling Experiment, is a student project from Luleå University of Technology for the REXUS/BEXUS programme flying on REXUS 30.

The aim is to develop a fast, low-cost and easy to integrate attitude control system for free falling experiments from sounding rocket.

Project FASTER

FASTER, Flying Attitude Stabilized Experiment, is a student project developing an attitude stabilizing platform for parabolic flights.


Minor projects

ROVER-BUSS – remote-controlled rover (Basic Universal Sample-collector System)
FireFly – Fire detection with drone
SARA – deployable solar reflector (Solar Antenna Reflection Absorption)