To live and grow old with a spinal cord injury - impact on engagement and participation everyday activity

Published: 10 March 2011

The projects overall aim is to explore the activity repertoire and describe experiences and perceptions of participation in everyday activities of people living and aging with a spinal cord injury.

The project is a PhD project at Luleå University of Technology (LTU) funded by the Research School of Health developed and implemented through collaboration between the university and the Norrbotten County Council.

Impairments caused by, for example, an injury or illness has often been considered to be immutable condition after the initial rehabilitation, but they are neither static or stationary, they vary with time and age. The starting point for this project is that people today grow old with spinal cord injury as a result of, among other things, medical progress, which is a change today compared to the past and therefore of interest to study in relation to time and age and how it affects their involvement and participation in everyday activities .


Collaborators in the research project:

Gunilla Isaksson, associated professor

Margareta Lilja, professor

Ulrica Lundström, OT, MSC, PhD student