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Towards a more active life - easier and more equal access to rehabilitation through an integrated web program

Published: 14 August 2019

Many people with disabilities experience complex limitations on the opportunities to live an active life in society, which is a difficult loss to live with.

At the same time, access to rehabilitation is inadequate and rarely addressed to these needs. This means that people do not receive rehabilitation which supports them to take an active role in adopting strategies for an active life in a sustainable way over time for their own health. The development of new e-health services through the National Health Guide 1177 creates an opportunity for better and easier rehabilitation solutions that will benefit more people. However, e-health services are sparingly tried in rehabilitation. Thus, there is a need to develop e-health services in the form of interventions where web programs are integrated to improve accessibility and effects of rehabilitation.

The overall aim is to develop usability and feasibility as well as evaluate the benefits of a rehabilitation intervention with an integrated web program focused on promoting an active life community in the later stage of rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation intervention with the integrated web program is unique in that it focuses on providing support in the complex challenge it involves developing sustainable self-management strategies that take into account that participation requires involvement in a variety of activities, in different places and in different social networks in society. In addition, the intervention is designed to allow individuals to take an active role in recapturing, strengthening and maintaining their participation in community life so that the effects of rehabilitation become sustainable over time.