Caregiving Strategies that support instrumental participation

Published: 4 April 2014

– Exploratory and descriptive studies of caregiving by older adults in the realm of instrumental activities of daily living

Short description of the project

The overall purpose of this study will be to examine factors that support participation in instrumental activities of daily living for the entire care cohort. These factors include actions of the caregiver, contextual factors and supports provided from external sources. In particular, the influences and supports provided by occupational therapy personnel across the spectrum of traditional service provision in the United States are of interest in this research.

These factors will be explored from the standpoint of the caregivers and care recipients, as well as occupational therapy practitioners who work in settings that provide regular encounters with older adult caregivers.  A specific area of instrumental action, community mobility, will be explored as an enabler of other forms of occupational engagement in the instrumental realm. The intent of this series of studies is to gain increased understanding regarding multiple factors that should be considered by caregiver support networks in general and occupational therapists in particular in promoting health, well-being and participation for care cohorts in which the primary caregivers are older adults.

Collaborators in the project

Margareta Lilja, Professor emerita in Occupational therapy

Gunilla Isaksson, professor in Occupational therapy

Jennifer Womack, OT, MSc, PhD student (PhD degree 2018)