Jenni has worked both in Sweden and abroad and has a keen interest in development work.

Jenni wants the research to be beneficial

Published: 14 January 2014

Jenni Riekkola Carabantes interest in the quality and development of their profession led her to start researching. The goal is that the research will be of benefit to patients / clients.

Jenni took her occupational therapist degree in 1995 at vårdskolan in Boden. The training was then 2.5 years. Later supplemented her education with both a bachelor's and then, in 2012, a master's degree at the university.

What is your professional background?

-Through the years I have gained professional experience in many different areas. I have worked in somatic inpatient care in various fields, in primary care and in recent years within the public sector, especially with older people. I have also worked abroad for several years at a rehabilitation center in Spain.

Why did you research?

-Ever since I started working as an occupational therapist, I have had a keen interest in quality and development and it is the path that led me to become a PhD student in occupational therapy. I think it is important to constantly try to improve what you do in your profession, with the goal that it will ultimately be of benefit to the patient / client.

What is your research about?

-The target audience for my research are older couples, where one partner has a great need for care and the need for support from their spouses in everyday life.

-As support to relieve the caregiving party in the elderly couple, the care-taking party sometimes staying in a short term stays. The elderly couple has thus a special situation in life, in that they sometimes live together and sometimes apart.

Research in Occupational Therapy LTU
Photo: Kjell Öberg / Norrbotten County Council

-My research is to examine and describe how the elderly couple's everyday activities and everyday community affected based on alternating situation.

-My research project is a joint product of several factors. The working title is "Participation in everyday activities with aging in the home environment - older couples with relief for short term stays."

-My supervisor (Gunilla Isaksson and Margaret Lily) previous research and experience has been the basis for Anneli Nyman's research on older persons and the living community. This project builds on the chain.

-Then there through a good partnership with a municipality received proposals on the area that they felt were important to immerse themselves in, that is where they felt there was a gap in knowledge. Based on the dialogue grew the final project forward.

What is it like to do research?

-Joining a graduate program is really fun and creative. I have good support from my supervisors and co-operation is important, but it also requires a lot of responsibility and self-motivation.

-It is a process that is not only about producing a good dissertation, but also to grow and become a competent and independent researcher in the end, with a network of good partners. In a few years I hope to have made some progress on that path.