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Stories important for new professor

Published: 21 November 2017

Gunilla Isaksson has had an overwhelming year. She recently became Head of Department of Health Sciences and Professor of Occupational Therapy. During her installation lecture, she focused on how important people's stories have been in her work and research and what they are important for what rehabilitation efforts are being given.

– To me, the interest in capturing people's stories has been a way of building therapeutic relationships to gain access to patients' experiences of their daily lives, thus meeting their needs,"says Gunilla Isaksson.

The interest in capturing people's stories has for Gunilla Isaksson its foundation in the rehabilitation activities in psychiatric open and closed care where, through patient's stories, she gained access to how they perceive their daily lives and thereby meet their needs. Her dissertation also focused on opportunities for participation in everyday life, and through stories tells us how it is to be part of a community through interaction and interaction in social networks.

– The story is an act where we transform practical experience into languages ​​based on our memories. We constantly modify our stories in relation to the social context in which they are told, but also because they contain dynamics, interactions, time perspectives and processes.

Gunilla Isaksson believes that people's stories have a bearing on what rehabilitation efforts are being given.

– I see that the knowledge we receive from people by listening to what they tell about their experiences and how it affects their participation and actions in everyday life is important to meeting people's needs, conditions and interests.

– It also gives the individual and the related opportunities for influence in planning, implementation and follow-up of actions, which is important to consider and secure in rehabilitation.

Even as a new head of department, Gunilla Isaksson will keep the research alive.
– It is incredibly important for me to continue researching. Research is one of the reasons why I'm here.


Gunilla Isaksson

Gunilla Isaksson, Professor, Head of department

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