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Research on brain friendly workplaces is awarded SEK 400,000

Published: 12 December 2019

Maria Larsson-Lund, professor of Occupational Therapy at Luleå University of Technology, has been awarded a research grant of SEK 400,000. It is Neurofonden that has awarded one of its largest contributions for research on brain-friendly workplaces.
– I'm glad they are paying attention to our research, says Maria Larsson-Lund.

It was during Nobla dagen, organized by the Department of Health Sciences, that the research grant was distributed.

Maria Larsson-Lund received a check and flowers from Roger Lindahl's hand. He is co-ordinator for research and rehabilitation at the interest organization Neuro, which works to give people with neurological diagnoses such as stroke and Parkinson's disease the same opportunities, rights and obligations as everyone else in the society.

The grant goes to the research project Brain-friendly working environments: Promoting a sustainable working life for people with cognitive disabilities.

– We distribute research grants every year and this year we have received around 100 applications, but we are also investigating for ourselves where there may be relevant research for us and this was one of them, said Roger Lindahl at the awards ceremony.