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Students LTU Photo: Jennie Pettersson

High quality education at Luleå University of Technology

Published: 10 April 2013

Swedish National Agency of Higher Education, did on behalf of the Government independent evaluations of programs at Swedish universities. At Luleå University of Technology received four courses, highest grade Very high-quality twelve High quality and at two follow-ups are required.

Two of the programs at Luleå University was absolutely the best in Sweden.

- At the Occupational Therapy degree, we were the only university in Sweden who received top rating, very high quality. At Masters in economics, there were just Luleå University of Technology and Stockholm School of Economics who received the highest grade, very high quality. These evaluations are independent and take place on behalf of the government, to measure the direct quality of education at universities, unlike other more populist rankings. Therefore, these are of great importance to us, says Johan Sterte, Vice Chancellor at Luleå University of Technology.

It was in training Economics Master, Occupational Therapy Degree, English Bachelor and Master Programme in Information Security Master at Luleå University of Technology, that received the highest rating of very high quality in the independent state evaluation (2012). Each training is assessed on a three-point scale:Vvery high quality, High quality and Non-quality

Last year evaluations were made by Swedish National Agency of Higher Education. The authority has now been replaced by the University Chancellor Board, UK office, which is also making these assessments, commissioned by the Swedish Government. The purpose of the mission is to ensure that there is high quality of college and university education in Sweden. This is for students who choose to attend an education to feel confident in what they are investing in their future, as well as employers and society.

For each degree offered at universities and colleges, the government has developed a nationally valid exam descriptions. University Chancellor Board evaluates all educations at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The evaluation system is based according to University Chancellor Board on a mission from the government and has been developed following discussions with universities, the Swedish Higher Education, the Swedish National Union of Students and representatives of working life

According to the University Chancellor Board of the programs evaluated based on how well they achieve the requirements of the Higher Education Act and degree descriptions in the regulations that connects to the law. University Chancellor Board examines how well students' actual academic performance equivalent to the expected learning outcomes.

- In spring, new evaluations of universities and colleges of the University Chancellor Board. Now next is our engineering programs to be evaluated, says Johan Sterte.