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Maria larsson- Lund
Maria Larsson-Lund, professor Occupational Therapy. Phot: Karin Sjöberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Unique research project on rehabilitation

Published: 28 August 2019

Maria Larsson- Lund, professor of Occupational Therapy at Luleå University of Technology, has been awarded SEK 4, 5 million from the Kamprad Family Foundation. The funds will be used for a research project on digital rehabilitation through the Health Care Guide 1177.
– It is a unique project that, in a first step, is aimed at people affected by stroke, she says.

The idea is that patients affected by stroke should be able to use a web program for continued rehabilitation after the acute phase.

– The rehabilitation in the acute phase is well developed. But when the patient has been home for a while you can see that it is more difficult to get access to rehabilitation that gives support to change everyday life so that it works for the individual, says Maria Larsson- Lund.

She believes that it is important for the individual to find strategies for activities in everyday life and to continue to be active in society.

The person is given access to filmed instructions and to carry out tasks via the web. It should be combined with contacts with occupational therapists who provide support in the change work.

– This is a three- year funding where we will recruit a doctoral student, says Maria Larsson-Lund.

The project, wich is called Towards a more active life, easier access to rehabilitation through an integrated web program, is carried out in collaboration with Lund University and Rehabilitation Medicine at Sunderby Hospital.

The research will at a later stage include people who have different types of neurological diseases.