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Children’s perceptions of playing on inclusive playgrounds (2021)

A qualitative study
Wenger. I, Schulze. C, Lundström. U, Prellwitz. M
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 28, nr. 2, s. 136-146
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Enacted togetherness (2021)

A concept to understand occupation as socio-culturally situated
Nyman. A, Isaksson. G
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 28, nr. 1, s. 41-45
Article in journal

Perceived occupational balance in people with stroke (2021)

Kassberg. A, Nyman. A, Larsson-Lund. M
Disability and Rehabilitation, Vol. 43, nr. 4, s. 553-558
Article in journal

Physiotherapy treatment experiences of persons with persistent musculoskeletal pain (2021)

A qualitative study
Calner. T, Isaksson. G, Michaelson. P
Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, Vol. 37, nr. 1, s. 28-37
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An evidence map of digital tools to support social engagement in older adults living with mental illness or those who are at risk for mental health decline (2020)

Larsson. E, Fahlström. G, Bertilsson. G, Fristedt. S
Gerontechnology, Vol. 19, nr. 3, s. 1-29
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Brister i rehabilitering för vuxna med traumatisk hjärnskada (2020)

Stort behov av forskning, stöd och samordning
Wilbe Ramsay. K, Berg. J, Bunketorp Käll. L, Lexell. J, Larsson Lund. M, Möller. M, et al.
Läkartidningen, Vol. 117
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Everyday activities outside the home are a struggle (2020)

Narratives from two persons with acquired brain injury
Olofsson. A, Larsson-Lund. M, Nyman. A
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 27, nr. 3, s. 194-203
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Finding self-worth (2020)

Experiences during a multimodal rehabilitation program when living at a residency away from home
Spinord. L, Kassberg. A, Stålnacke. B, Stenberg. G
Canadian Journal of Pain - Revue canadienne de la douleur, Vol. 4, nr. 1, s. 237-246
Article in journal

From 9 to 91 (2020)

health promotion through the life-course—illuminating the inner child
Sjöblom. M, Jacobsson. L, Öhrling. K, Kostenius. C
Health Promotion International
Article in journal

Functioning and disability from 10 to 16 years after traumatic brain injury (2020)

Jacobsson. L, Lexell. J
Acta Neurologica Scandinavica, Vol. 141, nr. 2, s. 115-122
Article in journal

Occupational challenges in a digital society (2020)

A discussion inspiring occupational therapy to cross thresholds and embrace possibilities
Larsson-Lund. M, Nyman. A
Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, Vol. 27, nr. 8, s. 550-553