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Occupational therapy

The research conducted in Occupational Therapy includes people of all ages, children of adults and the elderly. The aim of the research is to promote people's involvement in everyday activities and participation of society in life-long health.

This is done by developing rehabilitation, prevention and promotion that create the conditions for an active and social life, a sustainable working life and for good living at home. We have established national and international collaborations and through our co-opted researchers who are employed at Region Norrbotten and Luleå municipality, we also work closely with activities in healthcare and social services. For our research, we have access to an Activity Laboratory that can be described as the next generation of smart homes. It is a regular apartment with a variety of technical solutions that support everyday activity and security. Our research is funded by, among others, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, MSCA-ITN-EJD, the EU, Thhe Kamprad Family Foundation and interest organizations.

Barn med nalle Photo: Pixbay
Research on children

To be active and involved as children and young people with functional variation.

Woman walking Photo: Pixabay
Research on adults

An active everyday life and sustainable working life for adults with neurological injuries and diseases.

An elderly couple walking Photo: Pixabay
Research on the elderly

An active and healthy life for older people.