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13:00 19 aug
Stad i norr
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Stad i norr - Umeå 400 år

19 aug. 2022, 13:00 - 14:00
Umeå, Kulturhuset Väven
Publicerad: 25 augusti 2022

Agatino Rizzo, arctic five chair in architecture and planning at Lulea University of Technology, was invited to a panel discussion within the conference "Stad i norr" organized by Umeå University and The Institute of Urban History at Stockholm University.

The title of the panel was "Staden som ideal" and it reflected on the state of Swedish northern cities and their future. Some of the topics touched by Agatino were Arctic city ideals, urban futures, and urban sustainability questions.

The panel included also Lars Westin (CERUM), Therese Kreisel (Skellefteå), and Katrin Holmqvist Sten (UMU, Moderator). To the conference participated also Andrea Luciani and Jennie Sjöholm with a paper titled “Booms and Busts, Growth and Decline: The Urban History of Swedish Arctic Mining Towns”.
Agatino Rizzo

Agatino Rizzo, Professor tillika ämnesföreträdare

Telefon: 0920-493438
Organisation: Arkitektur, Arkitektur och vatten, Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och naturresurser