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Comprehensive and spatial planning in Sweden

Published: 11 May 2011

Completed project

My fundamental profile is inter-disciplinary connection of science and practice. I am interested in use of strategic management in territorial development, comprehensive and spatial planning. I have coordinated several scientific and professional projects or their sub-tasks, e.g. Methodology of development of Strategic development plan, Vision of green areas development in connection to strategic development of Skalica, Morava river – Regional development study for future use of the territory, Feasibility study of Museum in nature Rochus in context of recreational area Park Rochus, Consulting and development centre for students with a potential to create their own small businesses.

During my post-doc position in Luleå, I will continue my research on use of strategic management on comprehensive and spatial planning in Sweden comparing the results to the cases of Slovakia and Czech republic.

Lucia Dobrucká, Mgr. Phd.