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Heritagisation processes in built environments

Published: 9 May 2018

In the project “Heritagisation processes in built environments”, we are studying the World Heritage Site “The Historic Centre of Rome”. UNESCO’s description of the site highlights its complexity, due to its size and many functions, but also its historic layering encompassing three millennia.

This makes the city interesting to study. What is being highlighted, and what are the prioritised in a site with numerous archaeological sites, art and architecture? The aim of the study is to investigate how the historic centre of Rome is defined as a world heritage site, and how it is conceptualised and managed as a visitor site.

The Swedish Institute in Rome has granted Jennie Sjöholm a scholarship in conservation, which enables the project.

Jennie Sjöholm

Jennie Sjöholm, Senior Lecturer

Phone: +46 (0)920 491849
Organisation: Architecture, Architecture and Water, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering