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New Giron

Published: 7 April 2008

Within the interdisciplinary and interinstitutional research New Gi-ron at LTU responsible research group Architecture for the following themes and projects:

Research within the dicipline of Architecture

Theme 0

The Theme 0, the experience and knowledge, generated in the other themes in the new Giron and projects that are synthesized in a holistic manner. It can be summarized in the following research and development:

  • How can urban structures with buildings and infrastructure is designed, managed and maintained, to provide physical and social opportunities for sustainable growth and support industry and the way people seem to be more sustainable in the long run?
  • How can the forums and venues organized and methods developed to support interaction between multiple actors involved in the planning processes for physical and social structures?
  • How can the interaction between technology, business development and people's way of life enhanced for a more sustainable society?

The knowledge generated about dialogue practices and business environment (tema1), sustainable resource use (theme 2) and the resilient city (theme 3), integration of complex urban structures designed to offer natural opportunities for sustainable growth and support industry and the way people work more sustainable in the long term. The project is expected to generate new knowledge with previous knowledge of sustainable structures and sustainable growth. One difficulty, however, for the diversity of actors and stakeholders in urban and industrial development and their different values ​​and experiences to agree on how the future city should be designed. It is therefore important how the forums and venues organized and developed methods (Theme 1), to support collaboration between all involved in planning processes for urban structures.

Themeleader: Kristina L Nilsson

Integration of urban environments and traffic structures

The project aims to examine the ways in which urban and transport planning can be coordinated, shaped and developed in order to better cope with demanding climates and thus achieve a robust and sustainable urban development. It's about to illustrate, explore and critically examine the planning and design of traffic and buildings and processes to integrate these to achieve robust and sustainable urban development. Large parts of Scandinavia and the world is made up of areas where the climate makes extra demands on the natural community structures are designed, how the buildings are planned and shaped, the modes which are selected and how they integrate and interact with each other.

PhD: Saeed Ebrahimabadi
Researcher: Kristina L Nilsson, Charlotta Johansson, Maria Öberg

Flexible and portable building

The project aims to develop flexible and modular buildings, as solutions for areas of temporary condensed into the thin sections of existing communities in the ongoing social transformations. Such condensations are in a position to retain the existing city living and attractive despite the uncertainty about the pace of the city's movement. PhD project is about further developing the industrial prefabrication in a rational manner and with high quality to create flexible buildings that will be removable but still have the same requirements for usability and design of permanent buildings and also work well in demanding climatic conditions.

PhD: Mania Meibodi
Research: Kristina L Nilsson, Ylva Sardén

New Giron is funded by the EU's Structural Funds for Objective 2

Project New Giron