Planning of Tourist Routes in Sweden

Published: 20 April 2011

Sweden is considered to have natural and cultural values ​​in the world and these are marketed to tourists including via commercial guidebooks and official websites. Tourism is the largest export commodity. Many tourists travel by car / bus into our country and exploit the tourist routes. In Sweden, missing an overview of tourist roads content and form, and a follow-up of tourist-way concept, which is implemented in Norway, for instance.

The aim is to analyze the process of establishment and management of tourist routes operate in the everyday practice in Sweden and Norway to contribute to the development of a Swedish tourist route concepts. The work is conducted through social science studies focused this the planner (in Norway and Sweden) and tourists in Sweden (domestic and foreign). The focus is on planning processes, strategies and players.

Editor: VTI in Linköping, in collaboration with Kristina L Nilsson and Johanna Lindberg LTU

The project is financed within the SRA SNE-RPD Centre of Excellence - Road Planning and Design accession.

Adaptation of spatial planning in the Lake Torne area due. Climate Change

A sub-project of the interdisciplinary research project, Climate change, Impacts and Adaptation in the sub-Arctic: a case study from the northern Swedish mountains.

Climate change varies due. The weather and landscape, which in turn affects how men, people may use the land for their livelihood. Climate change is expected to affect land use in the subarctic Lake Torne area, which will cause difficulties for local residents and traders in the area. Although there are measures to mitigate climate change and its effects are short-term need to adapt to current and future conditions

This sub-project on land use and spatial planning is to gain knowledge of how climate change will affect land use for local residents and traders, their living conditions and livelihoods. This knowledge will be used for working with actors and stakeholders, should develop proposals for the adaptation of planning for future planning.

Project: Royal Academy of Sciences, Abisko Scientific Research Station. LTU-partner Kristina L Nilsson

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