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Collaboration between community, industry and academia on sustainable urban development

Published: 20 April 2011

Official visions, goals and documents in all municipal and regional planning levels are filled with policies aimed at achieving sustainable urban development.

Research has contributed with insightful knowledge of how to create those cities. There are also ongoing practical development of innovative forms of collaboration with community, industry and universities work together on both regional and local level to support economic development. However, often actors and stakeholders in the physical urban development of perspectives on sustainability. Consequently, it is difficult to establish forums and procedures for discussion and development of processes, which support agreements on how to develop the physical design of our cities. However, there is need for more knowledge about how the key players acting in real complex situations. The main research question for this project is: how can universities, municipalities, private sector work together in planning processes to physically implement the general objective of a more sustainable urban development? The project has been implemented as an exchange with Chalmers and Architecture Research Group "Built Environment and Sustainable Development and Planning, the drive for" city and region ".

Researcher: Kristina L Nilsson
The project is funded by VINNOVA