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Collaboration processes, consultation and dialogue in road projects

Published: 19 May 2011

Vägverket and other public stakeholders have a need to develop methods, which gives operators, other partners, stakeholders and the public more opportunities to participate in processes where infrastructure will be integrated with urban development, for example, through counsel, citizen dialogues, Charrette and planning workshops and Others interaction methods.

This project has analyzed how the different methodologies applied nationally and internationally in recent years. Conclusions have been drawn by Swedish and international experiences in methods of dialogue and consultation in road projects and forms of cooperation between aktö-rer/ansvariga in combined road and urban construction. Inventory of different types and forms of interaction modes is done with examples of practical implementation. Analysis and comparison is made with the statutory consultation in similar conditions at extended interaction times.

Kristina L Nilsson, in collaboration with Ms Holder Tyréns in Stockholm

The project ended in 2010 and was funded under the SRA SNE-RPD Centre of Ex-cellence - Road Planning and Design.