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TENTacle project

Published: 28 March 2017

Map of the TEN-T Core Network Corridors in the Baltic Sea Area

The TEN-T core network corridors (CNC) is a new instrument of the EU transport policy, aimed to improve mobility, intermodality and interoperability on the major transport axes across Europe. Three core network corridors stretch through the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), being Scandinavian-Mediterranean, North Sea-Baltic and Baltic-Adriatic. Numerous and diverse stakeholders are expected to be involved in joint actions to improve physical, technical, operational and administrative conditions along these corridors by the year 2030. Implementation of the core network corridors has a potential to stimulate positive effects in the BSR beyond the transport sector and the immediate geographical areas they cross. The project aims to improve stakeholder capacity to reap benefits of the core network corridors implementation for the prosperity, sustainable growth and territorial cohesion in the BSR.

Research conducted by LTU in the project aims to clarify stakeholders´ views on current governance and need of future complementary governance to be able to implement sustainable CNCs.