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Picture: Michail Galankis
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Transdisciplinary Urbanism

Published: 17 November 2016

The decreasing pace of urban development in economically-troubled Europe allows time for urban practitioners and actors to re-think planning action and its outcomes.

In Canada where urban development seems unstoppable, contemplative breaks are as important. In this project, we have studied the emergence of a new theoretical approach in urban design and planning that is at the intersection of Socio-Spatial Research, Complexity Theories of Cities, and Urban Activism: Transdisciplinary Urbanism. We deploy three relevant, research projects we have been engaged with to analyse issues, challenges and limitations of Transdisciplinary Urbanism.

Agatino Rizzo, Luleå University of Technology and Michail Galanakis University of Helsinki. The project is funded by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (Agatino Rizzo) and the Art Council of Finland (Michail Galanakis).