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Bicycle Collision Avoidance Systems (2021)

Can Cyclist Safety be Improved with Intelligent Transport Systems?
Leden. L
Ingår i: International Encyclopedia Of Transportation
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Designing winter cities (2021)

Arctic urbanisation and Asian mobilities consumption
Chapman. D, Lee. Y, Larsson. A
Ingår i: Asian Mobilities Consumption in a Changing Arctic
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Is climate a modifier and shape-giver in urban morphology? (2021)

Chapman. D
Urban morphology, Vol. 25, nr. 1, s. 93-95

Mapping subsurface qualities for planning purposes (2021)

a pilot study
Norrman. J, Ericsson. L, Nilsson. K, Volchko. Y, Sjöholm. J, Markstedt. A, et al.
Ingår i: 17th World Conference ACUUS 2020 February 3-4 2021, (Helsinki, Finland) Virtual Conference, Institute of Physics (IOP), 2021, 012011
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Practical urban planning for winter cycling (2021)

lessons from a Swedish pilot study
Chapman. D, Larsson. A
Journal of Transport and Health, Vol. 21
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Transformative thinking and urban living labs in planning practice (2021)

a critical review and ongoing case studies in Europe
Rizzo. A, Habibipour. A, Ståhlbröst. A
Ingår i: European Planning Studies
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Transnational Urban Space in the Global South (2021)

Cases from Qatar and Malaysia
Rizzo. A
Ingår i: Urban Challenges in the Globalizing Middle-East
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A Photograph is Not Always Enough (2020)

A Perspective on Kiruna's Disputed Cultural Heritage
Sjöholm. J
Ingår i: Kiruna Forever

Adaptation and relocation of built heritage (2020)

what can we learn from the urban transformations of Swedish mining towns?
Luciani. A, Sjöholm. J
Ingår i: Adapting historic places to climate change, Proceedings of the international virtual conference of the project Adapt Northern Heritage, s. 188-195, Northern Periphery and Arcitc Programme, 2020

Analysis of Urban Scale Factors for Data Center Waste-heat Use (2020)

Three Case Studies in Sweden
Ramos Cáceres. C, Sandberg. M, Sotoca. A
Ingår i: PLEA 2020 - Planning Post Carbon Cities, Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture: A Coruña, 1st - 3rd September 2020, s. 1638-1643, University of A Coruña, 2020

Climate as Urban Morphology (2020)

The case for winter cities
Chapman. D
Paper presented at : NAF/NAAR Symposium 2020 & 12th Annual Symposium of Architectural research (ATUT2020), 22-23 October, 2020, Oulu, Finland

Climate change and human behaviour (2020)

Understanding modal choice in a rapidly urbanising Arctic
Chapman. D, Larsson. A
Ingår i: Arctice Frontiers Science, Theme 4: Local or Global Arctic?, 2020
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Co-Creative Place Innovation in an Arctic Town (2020)

Lindberg. M, Wikberg-Nilsson. Å, Segerstedt. E, Hidman. E, Nilsson. K, Karlberg. H, et al.
Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol. 13, nr. 4, s. 447-463

Demolition, dislocation and documentation in transforming mining towns (2020)

Sjöholm. J
Ingår i: Cultural heritage compensation, Approaches to transformation of sites with cultural values and architectural qualities, s. 175-196, Chalmers University of Technology, 2020
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Designing with differences, cross-disciplinary collaboration in transport infrastructure planning and design (2020)

Löfgren. S
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Vol. 4
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Ett fotografi räcker inte alltid (2020)

Synen på Kirunas omstridda kulturarv
Sjöholm. J
Ingår i: Kiruna Forever

Gåendes singelolyckor (2020)

Johansson. C, Rosander. P