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Article in journal

Is climate a modifier and shape-giver in urban morphology? (2021)

Chapman. D
Urban morphology
Conference paper

Analysis of urban scale factors for data center waste-heat use: Three case studies in Sweden (2020)

Ramos Cáceres. C, Sandberg. M, Sotoca. A
Paper presented at : 35th PLEA CONFERENCE SUSTAINABLE ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN DESIGN; Planning Post Carbon Cities
Conference paper

Climate as Urban Morphology (2020)

The case for winter cities
Chapman. D
Paper presented at : NAF/NAAR Symposium 2020 & 12th Annual Symposium of Architectural research (ATUT2020), 22-23 October, 2020, Oulu, Finland
Conference paper

Climate change and human behaviour (2020)

Understanding modal choice in a rapidly urbanising Arctic
Chapman. D, Larsson. A
Part of: Arctice Frontiers Science, Theme 4: Local or Global Arctic?, 2020
Article in journal

Co-Creative Place Innovation in an Arctic Town (2020)

Lindberg. M, Wikberg-Nilsson. Å, Segerstedt. E, Hidman. E, Nilsson. K, Karlberg. H, et al.
Journal of Place Management and Development, Vol. 13, nr. 4, s. 447-463
Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary

Considering landscape in practices of transport planning (2020)

Löfgren. S
Conference paper

Demolition, dislocation and documentation in transforming mining towns (2020)

Sjöholm. J
Part of: Cultural heritage compensation, Approaches to transformation of sites with cultural values and architectural qualities, s. 175-196, Chalmers University of Technology, 2020
Article in journal

Designing with differences, cross-disciplinary collaboration in transport infrastructure planning and design (2020)

Löfgren. S
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Vol. 4

Gåendes singelolyckor (2020)

Johansson. C, Rosander. P
Article in journal

Knowing the landscape (2020)

A theoretical discussion on the challenges in forming knowledge about landscapes
Löfgren. S
Landscape research, Vol. 45, nr. 8, s. 921-933
Article in journal

Moving costs (2020)

Sjöholm. J
The Architectural Review, Vol. 1475, s. 30-35

Nya dimensioner i svensk planering (2020)

en utredning om undermarksplanering och geosystemtjänster
Norrman. J, Ericsson. L, Markstedt. A, Volchko. Y, Nilsson. K, Sjöholm. J
Chapter in book

Participatory design as a tool to create resourceful communities in Sweden (2020)

Rizzo. A, Ekelund. B, Bergström. J, Ek. K
Part of: Co-creation of publicopen places
Article in journal

Perceived impact of meteorological conditions on the use of public space in winter settlements (2020)

Larsson. A, Chapman. D
International journal of biometeorology, Vol. 64, nr. 4, s. 631-642
Article in journal

Subsurface planning (2020)

Towards a common understanding of the subsurface as a multifunctional resource
Volchko. Y, Norrman. J, Ericsson. L, Nilsson. K, Markstedt. A, Öberg. M, et al.
Land use policy, Vol. 90
Article in journal

Territories of Extraction (2020)

Mapping Palimpsests of Appropriation
Morata. B, Cavalieri. C, Rizzo. A, Luciani. A
Urban Planning, Vol. 5, nr. 2, s. 132-151