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Publicerad: 11 december 2017

ett projekt finansierat av Enabling ICT

The aim of this project is to explore the possibility to smartly integrate food production in cold urban environments. The main objective is to sketch an intelligent platform to guide a comprehensive, city-wide approach to urban farming in winter cities and assist city stakeholder . The platform will integrate various data sources - geographic, population and building data (e.g., location, orientation, size), energy performance (e.g., energy declaration) - and food-science knowledge to be able to identify suitable locations for UF.

Urban farming (UF) has social, economic, and environmental benefits: socially UF will bring people closer to nature and it can become a source of education for local schools and community; economically, UF targets the rapidly growing market of premium, fresh, biological food that is proudly produced locally and can be sold to local restaurants and other customers; environmentally, UF will decrease our reliance from far away and poorly controlled food chains, while decreasing environmental costs for transportation. CF-0 is aligned to the Swedish National strategy for food safety (2016/17:104) which aims "in 2030 the Swedish food supply chain will be globally competitive, innovative, sustainable and an attractive sector to operate in."

Agatino Rizzo

Rizzo, Agatino - Biträdande professor

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Marcus Sandberg

Sandberg, Marcus - Biträdande professor

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Johan Wenngren

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