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Constantinos Vassiliades. Foto: Privat Visa originalbild , Öppnas i nytt fönster/flik

Constantinos Vassiliades

Publicerad: 28 september 2021

Gästforskare: Postdoc-forskare Constantinos Vassiliades, Cyperns universitet

LTU-värd: Agatino Rizzo, professor i arkitektur, SBN
Besökslängd: 4 veckor
Uppskattat datum för besöket: 23 maj 2021 - 05 2021 juni och 27 2021 juni - 09 2021 juli.

Short biography of the visiting scholar

Constantinos is an Architect Engineer, with a Ph.D. which deals with the building integration of active solar systems. He is a partner at the Limassol based architectural firm “Vassiliades Architects”, and a Post-Doctoral Researcher at U.Cy.. He teaches at U.Cy. and C.U.T., whilst he is a Visiting Researcher at UNI.NA.. Constantinos made publications and taught in training schools in Barcelona and Warsaw, whilst he is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of SDEWES 16th Conference. He is one of the authors of the book "Building Integrated Solar Thermal Systems - Design and Applications Handbook".

Aim and scope of the visit

The main and general aim of the visit is to cross-reference knowledge in the broad energy subject, through scientific meetings, contacts and workshops. At the same time, the possibilities of further collaborations, both in terms of knowledge and research cooperation, is essential. This will be achieved through the workshops and lectures that will take place at the time of the visits. The creation of an appropriate network of colleagues who work and perform research on European coastal cities, would be a desirable outcome in the long run.