Agatino Rizzo
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Green Megaprojects at the National University Singapore

Published: 7 February 2017

Agatino Rizzo, Architecture Research Group, is the only researcher based in a European university who has been selected to present his research on Green Megaprojects at the National University Singapore in a conference titled: Resilient Cities for Human Flourishing: Governing the Asia-Pacific Urban Transition in the Anthropocene.

Agatino will discuss a paper titled "Green Megaprojects and Displacements in the Global South". In this paper, he makes the point that while the recent concerns about climate change and "green" solutions have opened up opportunities for a more sustainable urban development they often lack critical thinking - neglecting the study of socio-spatial processes (e.g., bio-geophysical and social displacements) that are crucial to deliver a truly sustainable development.

Architecture research at LTU includes building design, urban and traffic planning, where aesthetics is joined with functional, technical, practical and economic dimensions in relation to people, sustainability, landscape, and the built environment.

The event, which will take place in March, is funded by NUS and features invited-only international researchers from Asia, the US, Australia, and Europe to "explore innovations in governance aimed at building urban resilience to various forms of environmental harm while protecting human flourishing through the creation of civic cultures centered on more sustainable forms of resource consumption".

"I am glad that my research is of interest to the global academic community. It isn't the first time that NUS invites me to discuss my research. I am looking forward to learning from the other speakers selected for this forum. I think it is important that Sweden has a presence in this event as it is one of the European champions for international development cooperation and green technologies" Agatino commented.

Agatino Rizzo

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