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Slip Device Tests cancelled due to poor ice

Published: 20 March 2014

The mild winter has been trouble for the researchers who are trying to develop a standard labeling for slip resistance devices. The ice track established for this purpose was of poor quality and the tests are now moved to an indoor ice rink where the researchers are guaranteed good ice all year round. But the reference tests still could be carried out indoors at Luleå University of Technology.

The reference tests is made to collect data for how the test subjects walks under normal conditions on a dry surface. They also measure their feet and legs and performs balance exercises.

- We have a digital test track, which measures how people are charged to different parts of the foot during walking, then we have a completed app that measures the person's business, says Glenn Berggård, a researcher at the Division of Architecture and water.

Slipping accidents are a major problem where some thousands are injured each year and belstningen on health care is great. But even the absence from work is a cost to society. In recent years, moreover the number of slips increased, which most likely it's cold and icy winters, combined with poor maintenance.

- Tests on ice will be conducted later this spring, probably in May, and then indoors in Sunderbyn rink concludes Glenn Berggård, still a bit surprised at the mild winter this year.