Parken levererar el - Solvåg
The Solvåg Park is designed by Björn Ekelund, Luleå University of Technology. Photo Lars Andersson View original picture , opens in new tab/window

The park supplies electricity

Published: 11 December 2017

In a research project in the border between art, architecture and research, Björn Ekelund, architect at Worm in Winter and lecturer at Luleå University of Technology, has been part of the design, of a park with a significant element of solar panels. The park is expected to generate 60,000 - 70,000 kilowatt hours per year.

"The park will serve as a social meeting point while it is a research facility for architecture, wood technology and small-scale energy production in urban environments and cold climate," says Björn Ekelund.

The project "Solvåg" is owned by PiteEnergi, the local energy company which has previously owned two solar cell parks in Piteå. The Norwegian research institute Norut is responsible for the technical design and dimensioning, The project has been developed in a process of co-creation with those who live and work in the area.

"We have used 125 solar panels that are located in different weather lines and slopes to the sun for optimal effect. Continuing research covers everything from wood properties to energy performance and use of public spaces, so it is interesting to study further in summer and winter," concludes Björn Ekelund.