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13:00 8 Oct
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RES-LINK: Workshop on Resources and Urbanization in the Arctic

8 - 9 Oct. 2018, 13:00
Luleå, F1031 (8/10) and F719j (9/10)
Published: 25 June 2018

An event funded by the Joint Arctic Agenda


Resource valorization and urbanization processes are intertwined, leading to the construction of cities and infrastructures as well as the extensive manipulation of the landscape. From time to time, under a market-led economic regime, cities, infrastructures and landscape are discarded with huge environmental and social losses. There is the need to better understand the so-called “resource-urbanization nexus” (Rizzo, 2018) to truly transform cities and regions and make them sustainable.

Case Studies

The Arctic is an excellent case study to unpack the complexities of this nexus. This region is going through rapid transformations that are led by the resource and logistic industries as well as intra-regional and international migration. However, this apparently peripheral part of the globe is deeply integrated with the world economy since this latter is dependent on the Arctic’s natural resources and energy. There is also the need to compare the story of the Arctic with those of other resource-rich regions in the global North and South.


The aims of this event is to consolidate current research on resources and urbanization in the Arctic region, discuss trends from a global perspective, and set a research agenda to deal with the main issues. The workshop builds upon the MIN-SPIRE research project at LTU and previous research on large developments in resource-rich nations (see Rizzo et al., 20013-2018). Speakers cover several disciplines and geographical domains. The workshop is meant for academic and professional audiences.


Agatino Rizzo (chair of the event, Luleå University of Technology); Gavin Bridge (University of Durham); Jeanette Sordi (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez), Dag Avango (the Royal Institute of Technology), Jukka Simila (University of Lapland), Andrea Luciani/Jennie Sjöholm (Luleå University of Technology),  Lars Westin (Umeå University), Horatio Sam-Aggrey (the Arctic University of Norway).



Day 1 (October 8th)

  • 13:00 start, Agatino Rizzo
  • 13:10 Pär Weihed, pro-rector LTU
  • 13:20 "Frozen Assets: Resources, Capital and the North", Gavin Bridge
  • 13:50 "Governing conflicts between mining and tourism in the Arctic", Jukka Simila
  • 14:20 Questions and Answers
  • 14:30 Fika
  • 15:00 "The Iron-Ore Technological Megasystem in Scandinavia: unpacking the resource-urbanization nexus", Agatino Rizzo/Andrea Luciani/Jennie Sjöholm
  • 15:30 "Sustainable communities and the legacies of mining in the Nordic Arctic", Dag Avango
  • 16:00 short break
  • 16:15 "Comparison of Mine Closure Processes: Northern Saskatchewan and Northern Norway", Horatio Sam-Aggrey
  • 16:45 Questions and Answers

Day 2 (October 9th)

  • 09:00 "Landscapes of extraction: death and life of the Chilean mining city", Jeanette Sordi
  • 09:30 "Resources, the curse and urban development", Lars Westin
  • 10:00 "Live, Work or Leave? Youth – wellbeing and the viability of (post) extractive Arctic industrial cities in Finland and Russia", Tanja Joona
  • 10:30 Questions and Answers
  • 10:50 Closing remarks
  • 11:00 End

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