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Climate change and human behaviour (2020)

Understanding modal choice in a rapidly urbanising Arctic
Chapman. D, Larsson. A
Ingår i: Arctice Frontiers Science, Theme 4: Local or Global Arctic?, 2020
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Co-Creative Place Innovation in an Arctic Town (2020)

Lindberg. M, Wikberg-Nilsson. Å, Segerstedt. E, Hidman. E, Nilsson. K, Karlberg. H, et al.
Journal of Place Management and Development

Demolition, dislocation and documentation in transforming mining towns (2020)

Sjöholm. J
Ingår i: Cultural heritage compensation, Approaches to transformation of sites with cultural values and architectural qualities, s. 175-196, Chalmers University of Technology, 2020
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Designing with differences, cross-disciplinary collaboration in transport infrastructure planning and design (2020)

Löfgren. S
Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Vol. 4
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Perceived impact of meteorological conditions on the use of public space in winter settlements (2020)

Larsson. A, Chapman. D
International journal of biometeorology, Vol. 64, nr. 4, s. 631-642
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Subsurface planning (2020)

Towards a common understanding of the subsurface as a multifunctional resource
Volchko. Y, Norrman. J, Ericsson. L, Nilsson. K, Markstedt. A, Öberg. M, et al.
Land use policy, Vol. 90
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Territories of Extraction (2020)

Mapping Palimpsests of Appropriation
Morata. B, Cavalieri. C, Rizzo. A, Luciani. A
Urban Planning, Vol. 5, nr. 2, s. 132-151
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Cities in time, temporary urbanism and the future of the city (2019)

Chapman. D
Ingår i: Journal of Urban Design

Climate change and human behaviour (2019)

Understanding modal choice in a rapidly urbanising Arctic
Chapman. D, Larsson. A
Paper presented at : Arctic Week 2019, 9-13 December, 2019, Paris, France
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Energy-efficiency measures for heritage buildings (2019)

a literature review
Lidelöw. S, Örn. T, Luciani. A, Rizzo. A
Sustainable cities and society, Vol. 45, s. 231-242
Kapitel i bok, del av antologi

Förändringar i Kirunas byggda kulturmiljö (2019)

Sjöholm. J
Ingår i: Tornionlaakson vuosikirja / Tornedalens årsbok 2018-2019
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Gait speed with anti-slip devices on icy pedestrian crossings relate to perceived fall-risk and balance (2019)

Larsson. A, Berggård. G, Rosander. P, Gard. G
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, Vol. 16, nr. 14
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Lyssna på forskningen (2019)

Den visar på avregleringens problem
Abarkan. A, Rizzo. A, Berggård. G, Nilsson. K, Svane. Ö
Dagens nyheter, nr. 10/21/2019
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Norrbotten's Technological Megasystem (2019)

Sjöholm. J
TICCIH Bulletin, Vol. 85, s. 3-6

Norrbotten's Technological Megasystem as a heritage discourse (2019)

paradoxes and controversies
Luciani. A, Sjöholm. J
Paper presented at : Tangible – Intangible Heritage(s) – Design, social and cultural critiques on the past, the present and the future. 13 – 15 June 2018, University of East London, UK.
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Norrbottens technologisches Megasystem (2019)

Sjöholm. J
Industriekultur, Vol. 86, nr. 1, s. 27-29
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Omvärdering av kulturarv (2019)

Gruvstaden Kiruna i förändring
Sjöholm. J
Tidsskrift for kulturforskning, Vol. 18, nr. 2, s. 35-56
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Predatory cities (2019)

unravelling the consequences of resource-predatory projects in the global South
Rizzo. A
Urban geography, Vol. 40, nr. 1, s. 1-15

Quality of Social Space in Selected Contemporary Multifamily Housing Complexes in Poland's Three Biggest Cities (2019)

Gyurkovich. M, Sotoca. A
Ingår i: IOP Conference Series, Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Physics (IOP), 2019, 092009