HABIT Tour in SciFest Uppsala
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HABIT Tour “on the way”

Published: 18 April 2019

After Umevatoriet, the HABIT Tour continues the route being part of some important science events during March in Sweden.

From March 7th to 9th HABIT Tour participates in SciFest of Uppsala University. SciFest is one of the most relevant Swedish science festivals which combines the three disciplinary domains of the University. Researchers, teachers and students from all parts of the University come together with exhibitors from other groups such as high schools and companies, to provide a three-day educational experience including interactive demonstrations, hands-on activities, scientific shows, and engaging scientific lectures. SciFest invites pupils, teachers and the general public to experience some hands-on research and science. The HABIT Tour installation will be on the festival inspiring all kind of audiences with our passion about Mars science.

From March 16th HABIT will be in KTH Space center in the Space week. On March 18th there is an intense program with different activities for distinct audiences. At 13:00 there will be a workshop called “All the Martians thinks you can learn using HABIT in your classroom” for High School teachers with a set of hands- on experiences and practical experiments based on HABIT instrument including some recommendations to print your own HABIT model using a 3D Printer.
And at 18:00 it is time for a general audience lecture to talk about HABIT as an innovative astrobiology instrument to capture water on Mars. We will share with the public some key points of its creation. This will be the first Swedish instrument that will land on Mars as a part of the ExoMars 2020 Mission and these events will bring the instrument closer to society.