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A Hybrid Statistical-Dynamical Downscaling of Air Temperature over Scandinavia Using the WRF Model (2020)

Wang. J, Fonseca. R, Rutledge. K, Martin-Torres. J, Yu. J
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, Vol. 37, nr. 1, s. 57-74
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Applications of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Cryosphere (2020)

Latest Advances and Prospects
Gaffey. C, Bhardwaj. A
Remote Sensing, Vol. 12, nr. 6
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Ar+ ion bombardment dictates glycine adsorption on pyrite (100) surface (2020)

X-ray photoemission spectroscopy and DFT approach
Galvez-Martinez. S, Escamilla-Roa. E, Zorzano Mier. M, Mateo-Marti. E
Applied Surface Science
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Balloon design for Mars, Venus, and Titan atmospheres (2020)

Garg. K, Kuhn. T
Applied Sciences, Vol. 10, nr. 9
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Cirrus-induced shortwave radiative effects depending on their optical and physical properties (2020)

Case studies using simulations and measurements
Córdoba-Jabonero. C, Gómez-Martín. L, del Águila. A, Vilaplana. J, López-Cayuela. M, Zorzano. M
Atmospheric research, Vol. 246
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DFT study of electronic and redox properties of TiO2 supported on olivine for modelling regolith on Moon and Mars conditions (2020)

Escamilla-Roa. E, Zorzano. M, Martin-Torres. J, Hernäandez-Laguna. A, Sainz-Diaz. C
Planetary and Space Science, Vol. 180
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DFT study of the reduction reaction of calcium perchlorate on olivine surface (2020)

Implications to formation of Martian’s regolith
Escamilla-Roa. E, Zorzano Mier. M, Martin-Torres. J, Hernández-Laguna. A, Saínz-Díaz. C
Applied Surface Science, Vol. 512
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Estimating the fate of oxygen ion outflow from the high-altitude cusp (2020)

Krcelic. P, Haaland. S, Maes. L, Slapak. R, Schillings. A
Annales Geophysicae, Vol. 38, nr. 2, s. 491-505
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Implementing bioburden reduction and control on the deliquescent hydrogel of the HABIT/ExoMars 2020 instrument (2020)

Mathanlal. T, Israel Nazarious. M, Vakkada Ramachandran. A, Zorzano. M, Martin-Torres. J, Rettberg. P
Acta Astronautica, Vol. 173, s. 232-239
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Ladakh (2020)

diverse, high-altitude extreme environments for off-earth analogue and astrobiology research
Pandey. S, Clarke. J, Nema. P, Bonaccorsi. R, Som. S, Sharma. M, et al.
Ingår i: International Journal of Astrobiology