Alvaro Soria giving an introductory lecture to new FYT Program students
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Group of Atmospheric Science European Space Agency Academy ‘Fly Your Thesis!’ Program mentorin

Published: 18 April 2019

GAS PhD Student Álvaro Tomas Soria Salinas has been invited by the ESA Education office as expert and former student for the ESA Academy ‘Fly Your Thesis!’ Program to give a lecture at the ESA Gravity-related Training Week 2019. He has been one of the four last edition ESA Academy Programs students ESA has chosen to give this mentoring sessions for the new students.

rom January 29th to February 1st Álvaro presented the PVT-GAMERS experiment that successfully flew at the ESA 70th Parabolic Flight campaign onboard the NOVESPACE A310 ZERO-G, the lessons he learned as team leader and project manager, and the take-home messages that students should retain from their experience.

Furthermore, Álvaro had the chance to interact with the students from all the gravity-related programs that ESA Academy offers each year to students, such as ‘Spin Your Thesis!’‘Drop Your Thesis!’ and ‘Orbit Your Thesis!’. In this-year edition, the 10th anniversary of all these programs was also celebrated, where all the ESA and external-facilities experts joint us to celebrate a fruitful collaboration and future goals.

In this way GAS “passed the torch on” to the new Fly Your Thesis! Students sharing their know-how and recommendations.